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Nominee Name

Arnaud J Le Hors

Nominated By


Short personal bio

I am a Senior Technical Staff Member of Open Technologies at IBM, focusing primarily on Blockchain, Edge Computing, and Web. I have been working on standards and open source for over 25 years and have been involved in every aspect of the open technology development process: technical, strategic, political, and legal. I was editor of several key web specifications including HTML and DOM and was a pioneer of open source with the release of libXpm in 1990 (which is still in use today! (smile))

I currently am the chair of the Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee, and a contributor to Hyperledger Fabric and maintainer, a member of the Hyperledger Speakers Bureau, and a Hyperledger Labs Steward. I am also a member of the European Blockchain Observatory where I make sure that the interest of the Hyperledger community is represented. I'm also the main representative for IBM at W3C and the chair of the LF EdgeX Foundry ORRA project.

Short personal pitch

I trust that my long list of roles related to Hyperledger is a clear demonstration of my commitment to the success of Hyperledger, to which I will add the fact that in 5 years of service on the TSC I only missed a handful of calls (the only times I'm not on is when it's basically impossible such as when I'm on a plane!)

I've had the privilege of serving our community on the TSC since the first election in 2016 and I have had the honor of serving as chair for the last two terms. During that time I've led several major developments of our governance structure such as the project lifecycle and the introduction of the Labs. As chair I've led improvements in the way the TSC handles issues and records its decisions for a much more efficient process. I've driven the resolution of many issues in a constructive and efficient manner for the benefit of all. I always strive to make the TSC both an efficient body as well as a welcoming venue in which everyone can voice their opinion while steering the group towards resolutions of the issues at hand.

I hope my track record will compel everyone to support my nomination for another term so that I can continue to put my energy and experience at the service of our community.

Thank you.

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