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Antoine Toulme

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I am a Besu committer since 2019 and a hopeful contributor to Fabric, having worked in the blockchain ecosystem since 2017.

I am a current Apache Software Foundation member, a former committer and member of the Architecture Council of the Eclipse Foundation from 2008 to 2011.

I am a committer for Apache Tuweni (incubating), Apache Buildr, and a contributor to the OpenTelemetry project.

I am the chair of the Testing and Certification Working Group of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

I am the recipient of multiple grants from MolochDAO and a proponent of the funding of open source software from Gitcoin.

I am the engineering manager of the Blockchain & DLT team at Splunk, where we are working on creating the best monitoring and operating experience for node operators, consortiums, data scientists and more. Learn more at

Short personal pitch

I am driven by the need to increase communication and collaboration in the space.

I have a deep interest in the blockchain space and am looking to maximize the impact my time, contributions, and the contributions of others may have.

I am hands-on and I need to see code. Lots of it.

I also have a strong need to listen and represent. I always look for ways to create consensus and consult others.

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