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Angelo De Caro

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Short personal bio

Angelo De Caro is a Research Staff Member at IBM Research - Zurich. His research interests are in theoretical cryptography and its applications to blockchain and cloud. Angelo received his PhD in Computer Science in 2013 from the University of Salerno, in Italy, under the supervision of Prof. Carlo Blundo and Prof. Giuseppe Persiano. ​ After his PhD, he worked with Dr. Tatsuaki Okamoto at NTT, Japan, in 2013 and with Prof. Michel Abdalla at École normale supérieure, France, in 2014-2015.  Angelo has been also engaged in several EU projects including ECRYPTII (European Network of Excellence in Cryptology II) and  TREDISEC (Trust-aware, REliable and Distributed Information SEcurity in the Cloud), among others. Angelo is one of the architects and core developers of Hyperledger Fabric (
Recently, Angelo has been involved in the design and development of two Hyperledger Labs projects:
- The Fabric Smart Client ( a new Fabric client-side component that accelerates the development of distributed applications on Fabric.
- The Fabric Token SDK ( a set of APIs and services that let developers
create token-based distributed application on Fabric.Angelo De Caro is a Research Staff Member at IBM Research - Zurich.

Short personal pitch

Being a member of the Hyperledger TSC in the past two years gave me the great opportunity to contribute from a very privileged position. I want to thanks the community and the TSC members for the great work done in these years, despite the difficult moments we have all experienced. I learned a lot from all of you.
It is with this spirit of gratitude, respect, and compassion that I ask the votes of the community to be confirmed as TSC member.
Together, we can run the extra miles that:

  • Will keep Hyperledger the point of reference for enterprise blockchain;
  • Will see maturing Interoperability technologies;
  • Will push to the limits our knowledge and our desire to make the difference.

Angelo De Caro

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