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Quarterly reports

Upcoming reports

  • 2022 Q3 Hyperledger Cactus (due  )
  • 2022 Q3 Hyperledger Fabric (due  )


  • The Ethereum Merge, Matt Nelson, ConsenSys


  • TSC Charter Changes, Continued
    • Charter Changes Proposal
    • Original Slide Deck
    • Votes:

      Angelo De CaroAbstain
      Arnaud J Le Horsaye
      Artem BargerAye
      Arun S MAye
      Bobbi MuscaraAye
      Danno FerrinAye
      David EnyeartAye
      Grace HartleyAye
      Jianjun Zhangaye
      Kamlesh NagwareAbstain
      Nathan George
      Peter SomogyvariAye
      Tracy Kuhrt
      Troy Ronda
  • Security Task Force Recommendations, Arun S M

Project Proposals (from hyperledger/hyperledger-hips)

Query: state=open

Backlog (from hyperledger/tsc)


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Multimedia File video1580245518.mp4 Jun 30, 2022 by Danno Ferrin

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