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Quarterly reports

  • 2021 Q4 Hyperledger Explorer (due )
  • 2021 Q4 Hyperledger Caliper (due )
  • 2022 Q1 Hyperledger Fabric (due )

Upcoming reports


  • Climate SIG - Si Chen/Sherwood Moore


  • Avalon Deprecation (issue #23)
    • Passed by unanimous voice vote


  • Project and Lab Services – What other benefits can we offer to graduated projects?
    • Thoughts from David Boswell:
      • I think there is probably something around documentation and translation support for graduated projects that would be worth doing.  If possible, perhaps we can make some budget available to bring in a technical writer, for example, to help with project docs?

      • We could also make the resources available to Incubation projects time bound – for instance, an Incubation project could have a year to grow and mature and at the end of that time the TSC decides to either move it to Graduated or move it to the Labs.

      • The project placement on the Hyperledger site does not currently provide a distinction between Graduated and Incubation projects since they're treated the same way now.  We're looking at updating the site this year to give more prominent positioning to Graduated projects, so the priority placement item will become more of an incentive.

      • The same is true of Workshops – this is a new concept so we have not yet seen the benefits to a project of running a workshop.  After we've done a few of these we can analyze the outcome and if we can see a bump in users and contributors to a project after a workshop then this will become an incentive for Graduation status too.

  • Proposal (Jim's followup action from discussions on Quarterly Reports 2 weeks ago): update templates of Quarterly Reports to include standard critical dimensions from LF Insights
    • Sample report that has the proposed table of insights showing project health: 2021 Q4 Hyperledger FireFly
    • Proposed critical insights dimensions: commit activities, PR activities, contributor trends

Project Proposals (from hyperledger/hyperledger-hips)

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Backlog (from hyperledger/tsc)

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