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  • TSC Election 2021 discussion https://wiki.hyperledger.org/x/MYJhAw
    • Previous schedule for TSC Election 2020
    • Past Decisions

      TSC Election nominations: Nominations shall be posted to the TSC list and confirmed by the nominee in case of nomination by someone else. 
      TSC Election process approval: The process and timeline shall be proposed by the HL staff to the TSC and affirmed by a vote on an annual basis no later than 1 month prior to the election. 
      TSC Election timing: TSC elections shall be conducted in October, leaving September to finalize the data collection to determine who's allowed to vote and take nominations. 

      TSC Election voters selection:

      Adopt the selection process used in 2019, using the Hyperledger get_contributors tool run against "all" and "labs" repositories to harvest from github everyone that has contributed to the codebases in the past year. The CAs also email all of the workgroups' and Task Force Chairs to determine who has contributed other Documentation or technical artifacts. In addition, a form is available for people to petition about other technical contributions that have been made.

      CAs are entitled to clean the list from what they believe are fraudulent entries with notification to the TSC members.

      Excluding changes such as bug fixes, improvements, and changes made to reflect the evolution of the list of Hyperledger repositories modifications to the get_contributors tool that impact the produced list must be endorsed by the TSC.

      TSC Membership Diversity: The TSC affirms that there should be no limits or quotas on TSC membership diversity.
      TSC Size: Extend the size of the TSC to 15 (pending Board approval), to take effect for the next election.
      TSC Term length: Keep TSC term length to 1 year.
      TSC Term limits: No limit to TSC term



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