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  • Hyperledger Member Summit Proposals relating to the TSC

    A2. Ask the TSC to form a working group for updating the technical scope of Hyperledger to discuss and recommend action. Among other things, consider whether to expand beyond the limitation of the word “blockchain” in the current Hyperledger charter to something more broad, such as “multiparty system” or “decentralized web.”

    B1. Take a fresh look at the mechanism of TSC governance to address the tension inherent in any multi-project community like ours in  “driving projects toward convergence and giving them roadmap autonomy.” Should “convergence” be a goal? Should “interoperability”? How are those defined anyway? What’s the most useful form of alignment we should require, and ideally aim for, across all HL projects, and all HL maintainers? A task force representing the HL members could work with a subset of the TSC to draft specifics for GB review and approval.



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