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  • Ideas for breaking down the silos (SIG Request for Support from Technical Community: Labs and technical documents have been created in isolation so far and don’t tend to connect with projects)
    • Communication - use the developer newsletter for including information about what is happing in the SIGs, WGs
    • Also include a section in the newsletter on what's going on in the TSC
    • Need a unified mission
    • Contributathon across projects
    • Brokering and fostering relationships
    • Provide opportunities to meet others
    • Pitch slide for each project, lab, WG, SIG including (1) who we are (2) where we need help
    • Need visibility - one combined list of collaboration points
    • Can we use a hackathon model to prove out ideas from a SIG
    • Exposure to other's ideas
    • Include an announcements section at the start of each meeting to discuss things that are happening outside your bubble
    • Automated aggregator
    • Maintainer training/guide
    • 1st PR to a project has a sherpa



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