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  1. Does the Service for checking eligibility to vote in the TSC election work? Checking my email and variants says that I am not eligible to vote (and contact Arnaud if you think this is in error) 

  2. Vipin Bharathan we use the same script we used last year to gather all of the emails from all of our repos and then each email gets hashed into a list. You type in your email address, it gets hashed and checked against the list. If there is a match, you're eligible. If not, you are told you aren't. Try all of your emails you have used for contributions to HL repos.

    As for "contact Arnaud" that's a joke for this morning's TSC call. : ) Ry and I are still working out the best way for us to resolve the cases where people believe they should be eligible but aren't in the list for some reason.

    1. The hashing function has to be against a canonical version of the email (that is convert the email into (say)lower case after trimming right and left spaces and then hash, do the same with the comparison). You might have done this already, in which case my congratulations. 

      I did try all of the possible variations, most importantly my github email used in signing.

      I do notice a couple of omissions, all wg chairs are not in the contributors lists, because it looks at the git_logs from hard-coded lists of projects/labs/others in, neither are members of the tsc who are not maintainers or contributors.

      In labs repositories several are missing/should not be there in the first place (for example eThaler is not in the list of  repositories, several archived labs are in the list), I have created a PR to make this change to 

      In projects cactus is missing.

      This all  points to the use of hard-coded lists, manually maintained. Better would be lookups of our organisations hyperledger and hyperledger-labs to get the list of repositories using github queries. You could have the equivalent of ignore. This depends on whether you like false positives or false negatives.