Project Health

Project health is green. We use all of the following to help keep project health green. Questions asked via rocketchat are being answered in a timely manner. For greater efficiency in this regard the FAQs page is updated with every release.

Questions/Issues for the TSC

No issues currently.


v1.0.0 (26 Apr 2020)

  • Support for multiple network profiles
  • Add logout feature
  • Improve logging control
  • Support for Hyperledger Fabric 1.4.6
  • Updated node.js version to 10.19 supported by fabric-sdk-node;

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

Discussions happened via rocketchat and questions are being answered on time.

We have added functionality to support the latest fabric v1.4, multiple network profiles, logout feature, more improved logging features and updated node.js support version to 10.19. We've almost finished the development for fabric v2.1 support and now we're working on testing.

Current Plans

  • Preparing the release to support Fabric v2.1
  • Unifying 2 platforms (fabric/iroha) support into master branch
  • Continue on bug fixes, help community in configuring HLExplorer and troubleshooting.  

Maintainer Diversity

We've had a few spot contributors added. No new maintainer were added. We really need community to come forward and contribute.

Please find here the maintainers list.

Contributor Diversity

Current contributors are from DTCC and Fujitsu, There is some interest shown by members wishing to join the effort but no active contributions yet.

Please find below the list:


  • Jeeva Sankarapandian
  • Vinita Chinoy
  • Nik Frunza
  • Uma Parameshwari


  • Atsushi Neki

Additional Information

As long as looking at several use cases shared in conferences and meetups that took place for the past a few months, there are several deployment of Explorer in production. Improvement of UX (e.g. user management, additional metrics using operation service on fabric peer node, migrate document to readthedocs) is one of our highest priority work items.

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  1. Can you please clarify your maintainer diversity? i.e. Are all maintainers from the same employer?

    1. It helps if you list your maintainers and contributors directly.  Thanks!

  2. Dan Middleton Hart Montgomery I've added the list of contributors and maintainers. 

    Thank you!

  3. Do you have an idea how many active users there are for Explorer?
    Any known "production" uses?

    1. No we don't have any ideas about active user count, but pull count of docker image is constantly growing. It's about to reach 2 millions.

      In the last Global Forum, I saw some sessions sharing use cases or services which are including Explorer as one of their components