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Hyperledger Quilt

Project Health

Project health over Q4 is unchanged, but good. We had no formal dot-releases, but are working on a new utility called "ILP Pay", which will make it easier to make payments using Quilt. No new contributors or maintainers joined the project during this quarter but we maintained the same core group of contributors.

Questions/Issues for the TSC

There are no issues at this time.


No new releases in Q4, but anticipate a new release in Q1 once "ILP Pay" is complete.

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

Activity was low this past quarter because the core dev team was focused on non-Interledger activity due to shifting priorities in their day-jobs. However, the primary maintainer has spent a lot of time over Q4 building "ILP Pay."

Current Plans

The completion of "ILP Pay" utility is forcing various refactors in the Java Connector, allowing duplicate logic between Quilt and the Connector to be centralized into Quilt. These changes are expected be released formally in Q1 2021, and will make both the Quilt library and Connector more stable.

Maintainer Diversity

Maintainer diversity is unchanged.

Contributor Diversity

Contributor diversity is unchanged.

Additional Information

Not at this time.

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  1. Does Quilt team have any collaboration plan with the Cactus, which targets to a general inter ledger solution?


    1. Hi Baohua Yang - thanks for your question. We don't have any concrete plans at the moment, but I had a chance to interact with some of the Cactus team at the HL Global Forum a few months back, and I think there's probably room for collaboration (just need to find time to create some prototypes). Essentially, Interledger is ideal as a very high-throughput "clearing layer" over Layer1 and Layer2 blockchain technologies (including Cactus, I think), whereas Cactus seems to be bridging disparate blockchains using on-chain primitives. I point that out because I think Interledger and Cactus can work together, and their combination could be useful from an interoperability perspective at different layers, and for potentially different purposes. For example, despite being called "Interledger" I think the more valuable benefit that Interledger brings to the table is actually scalability of underlying ledger systems (while Interledger can facilitate cross-chain interop, but it's limited to fungible assets, as delegates settlement finality to an underlying Cactus potentially).

  2. The TSC has decided to request the project reports include relevant data from the LF Insights tool to make it easier to get that information while reviewing reports (see Add Insights dashboard reference to quarterly reports). Please add the following link to your report (and from then on carry over the link with rolling dates so that it is scoped to the last 3 months):,%22type%22:%22absolute%22,%22to%22:%222020-12-09T23:00:00.000Z%22%7D


    1. Oh wow, I wasn't aware that the insights tool existed, but it's cool. Are there particular insights I should be highlighting, or is a generic link to the project's dashboard sufficient. E.g.,

  3. I have concerns about contributions.  100% of the contributions to the last quarter and 94% of the last year were from a single maintainer.  What can be done to encourage more maintainers to contribute as well as non-maintainers to contribute?

    I also don't see a list of maintainers.  Perhaps I'm not looking in the right place, but I would have expected a in the root of the repository

    1. Hi Danno Ferrin, thanks for your comment. I too share the same concerns – would love more contributors to the project. (wink)

      On a more serious note though, I think one thing that has held back Quilt contributions from people other than me is just changing priorities at the day-jobs of the core team, and the general slowness of Interledger adoption. However, I'm still very much committed to the project, so despite contributions being concentrated, I still expect the project to thrive and continue to add value. It just might be a bit slower than any of us would like.

      Also, good call-out on the file – I can add that. In the interim though, we've historically tracked this information in the project's pom file (see here).

      I'm always open to more ideas on the contributor front – hopefully in 2021 we'll see more traction in the Interledger space in-general, so I'm optimistic (e.g., is doing exciting things with Interledger and micropayments. Additionally, the Grant for the Web – primarily sponsored by Coil & Mozilla -- is another exciting, well-funded initiative that builds on something called Web Monetization, which itself is a technology powered by Interledger).

      All that to say, 2021 should be pretty interesting from an Interledger perspective, and hopefully for Quilt.