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DescriptionAn interoperability solution for blockchains, DLTs and other types of ledgers

Hyperledger Quilt is a Java implementation of the Interledger protocol. Interledger, also known as ILP, is a protocol for making transactions across ledgers. The protocol’s standards and specifications are being defined by the open source community under the World Wide Web Consortium umbrella.

Hyperledger Quilt offers interoperability between ledger systems by implementing ILP, which is primarily a payments protocol and is designed to transfer value across systems – both distributed ledgers and non-distributed ledgers. It is a simple protocol that establishes a global namespace for accounts, as well as, a protocol for synchronized atomic swaps between different systems.

Key Characteristics

By implementing the Interledger protocol, Quilt provides:

  • A set of rules for enabling ledger interoperability with basic escrow semantics

  • A standard for a ledger-independent address format and data packet format that will enable connectors to route payments

  • A framework for designing higher level use-case-specific protocols


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  • Proposed by Takahiro Inaba – NTT DATA, Adrian Hope-Bailie – Ripple, and Isaac Arruebarrena – Everis, an NTT DATA Company

  • Approved by the TSC on 2017-10-12

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