Hyperledger Iroha

Project Health

We are working to release 1.2 finished version – there is already a release candidate. Community is helping to find issues and reports them, communication in chats, mails and calls (yes, we revived community calls and do little presentations on them now) is doing great. Internship projects – not so well.

We are already working on a new v2 Iroha (in Rust!) and community is excited about it. We also had a security audit. 

Questions/Issues for the TSC

It would be great to have CI for s390x architecture. It seems that Hyperledger Jenkins previously had such machines. Is it possible to get one currently?

Releases - June 10th, 2020

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

We receive questions in chats and mail lists regularly and do our best to answer them all. We are happy to see that people from the community step in when help is needed to newcomers. 

Regarding new development – we are trying to polish the v1.2 – it already includes HL Burrow EVM, soon Iroha will support several HSM modules (Securosys and Utimaco) that allow more secure key storage for nodes. 

Iroha also supports client side HSMs - namely Tangem cards. 

Iroha will be able to run on IBM LinuxONE servers. We also have internship projects. Unfortunately, not all results are satisfactory.

Some development shifted towards v2 – it already has some basic functionality (it was already demonstrated on community meetings): Consensus, synchronisation, bridge implementations and others. 

Current Plans

1) Finish 1.2 release

2) Finalise internship projects

3) Work on v2 that will have a much wider functionality especially regarding interoperability 

Maintainer Diversity

Vladislav Markushin is helping with bridge functionality on Iroha v2

Contributor Diversity

People on the chats are more active (they report issues, help out and work on different projects on Iroha) but no more company contributors at the moment. We try to talk about Iroha on different events to give the possible contributors as many chances to hear about us as possible.

Additional Information

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  1. Do you have a link that you could share on v2 and what is expected in that release?

    1. Hello, yes! 

      Development process is 100% open and most of the info is located here: Iroha 2 + a little demo here:Iroha Demo Videos 

      I'll do my best to bring people working on Iroha 2 to the TSC meeting, so if any questions occur, they could answer them. 

  2. Some updates on this: we have managed to resolve the issue with internships and also added some details about HSM functionality.