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Paving the future of International trade and trade financeAndrea FrosininiAug 24, 2020
The Letter of Credit as a "cycle"Andrea FrosininiApr 16, 2020
A broader concept of complianceAndrea FrosininiApr 08, 2020
Fraud and forgery in Trade FinanceAndrea FrosininiApr 08, 2020
eURCAndrea FrosininiApr 07, 2020
eUCP 2.0Andrea FrosininiApr 07, 2020
Sources of the law relating to demand guarantees and standby letters of credit.Andrea FrosininiMar 17, 2020
Demand guarantees and Standby Letters of Credit.Andrea FrosininiMar 14, 2020
The UNCITRAL Convention - A short survey on the aspects related to fraud and illegality in International undertakings.Andrea FrosininiMar 11, 2020
Demand guarantees in international trade.Andrea FrosininiMar 09, 2020
Reshaping Trade Finance. Towards a new Letter of CreditAndrea FrosininiFeb 27, 2020
Stand-by Letter of Credit: The "middle-Earth" of Trade FinanceAndrea FrosininiFeb 27, 2020

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