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The Media & Entertainment SIG have MEMBERS that are actively building projects. You can list your project here or contact Randy Givens or Brett Russell for assistance.

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  1. I am putting together a test case in the music industry around decentralized music production + NFT. I would love to get in contact with any of you guys who feel this could be your area.

  2. Jonas Bergvall – Yes, you are welcome to reach out to the group about what you're doing and share information, ask questions and talk about ways to collaborate.  The best way to reach out is to post to the group's mailing list and/or go to the group's meetings.  If you sign up to the list you can post and you'll also receive notifications about upcoming meetings.


  3. Jonas Bergvall if you have something in the works for music production + NFT as you have mentioned above- would you consider presenting to the MUSIC subgroup? 

      1. That is excellent Jonas Bergvall. Do you mind if Randy Givensconnects with you soon to discuss details and work out your availability for your presentation to the MUSIC subgroup. Thanks very much and we are looking forward and excited to have you present.  FYI we are doing an official reboot of the Media & Entertainment Special Interest Group (MESIG) and at the same time we will do an introduction to the Subgroups on Monday Feb 28 2022. So your presentation could follow that date - of course any time that's convenient for you. Thanks again Jonas.

        1. Thanks Brett Russellthat is great and looking forward to the new launch and happy to coordinate with Randy Givens

  4. Please send an email to jonas@bergvalls.com and we will coordinate. Thank you.