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The Gaming Subgroup focuses on the nexus of blockchains and gaming, and in particular to explore use cases for open source blockchain technology from Hyperledger in the gaming space where applicable. This group is not focused on the expansion of any particular application of blockchain technology (such as NFTs or the Metaverse) in the gaming vertical - on the contrary one of the major goals of this group is to cut through the hype cycle and find practical applications of DLT in the gaming space by collectively going through iterations of LEARN and DO as described below:

1) LEARN: Analyze and document best practices, architectural framework and design patterns for applications of blockchain/decentralized technology in the gaming space. Examples being, use of BaaS (Blockchain as a service), SSI (Self sovereign Identity) or Decentralized Identity and trusted payment mechanisms in the gaming space

2) DO: Create prototype gaming apps and components which implement these best practices and recommend standards (in collaboration with other groups such as W3C, ToIP, OWF & DIF etc.)

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Mission & Scope

The mission of this group is to facilitate adoption of blockchain technologies within gaming industry by identifying specific opportunities where the application of blockchain technologies is meaningful as well as to clearly identify shortcomings in the current DLT stacksthat make use of blockchain technology impractical for certain game types. 

The scope includes:

  • Identification, development, and promotion of use cases, pilots, proofs of concept (POCs), proofs of value (POVs), and in certain cases, minimum viable products (MVPs) to educate and demonstrate the value of applicable blockchain technologies solutions in gaming space. Some examples of in-scope capability areas include, but are not limited to:
    • Development of Blockchain-as-a-service model to be used in game stacks
    • Inter-operability solutions using distributed ledger technologies (DLT) to interconnect with other on-chain and off-chain resources 
  • Identification, documentation, and promotion of blockchain technologies solutions best practices, as applied in a gaming industry
  • Identification and promotion of conferences or related social networking opportunities (e.g., speaking engagements) to gain experiences outside of this Special Interest Group
  • Sharing of stories within and across membership boundaries: successes, failures, lessons learned, opportunities and challenges
  • Education of both membership and the community on blockchain technologies, policies, and protocols as they relate to the gaming industry

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The MESIG Gaming Subgroup meets once every month on Wednesdays at 12:00PM Eastern (9:00AM Pacific).

Please review the agenda and feel free to add to it.

* Times and frequency of MESIG Gaming Subgroup meetings can be adjusted to accommodate different time zones and level of interest.    

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Upcoming Presentations

To be announced

Recent Presentations

Thanks to the FinTech Center at Morgan State University, we had a webinar series focused on the different aspects of Metaverse. You can find the YouTube videos and presentations here: 

November 7th, 2022 The Road to the Metaverse

Presentation Deck

Oct 27th, 2022 Demystifying the Metaverse: Community & Social

YouTube Replay

September 9th, 2022 Demystifying the Metaverse: Identity & Individuals

YouTube Replay

July 28th, 2022 Demystifying the Metaverse: The Path to the Metaverse

YouTube Replay

Members - Gaming Subgroup 

Add your information here or contact Sandy Aggarwal for assistance.

NameCompany / ProjectLocation/TimezoneContact (optional)
1Sandy AggarwalMizuho AmericasNJ, USA (UTC - 5)
2Kyle LiuStudentOR, USA (UTC - 8)Kyle Liu 
3Anish KuttiMizuho AmericasNJ, USA (UTC - 5)
4Igor DubrovinskyAetrexNJ, USA (UTC - 5)
5Kristian MitovLedger NationBulgaria (UTC + 2)
6Raymond ChenKaleidoTX, USA (UTC -6)

Inactive/Past Members

NameCompany / ProjectLocation/TimezoneContact (optional)
1Maria Eneva-OlmsLedger NationGermany (UTC + 1)Maria Eneva-Olms
2Aditya GuptaAmDocsNew Delhi, India (UTC + 5:30)

Lakshmanan Palaniappan

3ES PartnersSingapore(UTC + 8)Lakshmanan Palaniappan
4Olayinka OdeniranBlack Women Blockchain CouncilNY, USA (UTC - 5)BWBC Black Women Blockchain Council 

Note: Please indicate your location/timezone to allow for scheduling of team meetings.

Projects - Gaming Subgroup

A wiki space to list and track ideas and progress on projects that community members in the Media & Entertainment SIG and subgroups would like to work on together.  Please feel free to list your Gaming project or comment on anything appearing on the Project page or contact Sandy Aggarwal for assistance. You are welcome to include your name, project, and contact info on this Members - Gaming Subgroup page and also in the main Member Directory.

  1. Research paper on blockchain gaming - project page
  2. Mentorship project to develop a mini-game to explore identity and payments in gaming - project page


  1. Friends - this group is now active. Many thanks to all team members. We are now working on two projects side by side (a) Research paper for blockchain gaming and (b) Game prototypes to demonstrate best practices and architectural patterns and frameworks. 

    We also have a few presentations planned for the next couple of months which will be firmed up and detailed in the new few days. 

  2. Hi All . We need to start having a biweekly team meeting. I'll set one up to start this coming Friday (Feb 4th) at 11am Eastern so that most members from all the US west coast, east coast as well as Europe and India can join. Please let me know if you have a strong preference for a different time. I'll try to make it at a time where most people can join. Thank you.

  3. Hey Sandy AggarwalI updated the right-side panel link to the Discord as it was an expired invite.  

  4. Hello everyone. Please note that we'll move our gaming biweekly meeting to Saturdays 11am eastern starting with tomorrow (2/26) since most people are not able to join this call during their working hours. Today's meeting at 11am has been cancelled. Thanks.

    1. Thanks Sandy, Hello all!

      1. Hello Lakshmanan Palaniappanwelcome to the MESIG. Thanks for connecting with the group and look forward to collaboration.

      2. Hello Lakshmanan Palaniappanwelcome to the MESIG. Thanks for connecting with the group and look forward to collaboration.