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Member NameCompany NameCompany Title

Geographic Location

Brief Description of your project
Brett Russell  (Chair)accuratiusFounderToronto, Canada

Blockchain for Film & Television Productions - Incorporating payments, contracts, IP, funding

Randy Givens  (Assistant-Chair){B~Design} MediaFounderCA, USA

Creating a media platform for blockchain businesses and organizations influencers, enthusiasts, and technologists to promote their products and services.

Sandy AggarwalMizuho AmericasExecutive Director - Payments Technology & ArchitectureUS

Working on an open source initiative to allow game designers and players to come together and collaborate towards an Open Gaming future, where players can easily swap game assets and earnings across the entire eco-system without being tied to one platform. Please note that my work at Hyperledger is not linked to Mizuho in any way.

Sergio RojasZacatesFounder / Software EngineerSeattle, WA
Jérôme PonsMusic won't stopCEO, Blockchain Standardisation Manager (AFNOR, ISO/TC307, CEN-CENELEC/JTC-19)Paris, France

Digital Content Data Model (DiCoDaMo), common to 9 Media & Entertainment activity sectors and natively integrating blockchain technology

Alex AlbanoChainstackDirector of Sales and MarketingSingaporeManaged blockchain services:
Dr. Muhammad A. KhanIPEXCo-Founder & CTOPalo Alto CA, USMonetizing intangible assets through novel NFT and security token protocols

Patrice Poujol

Lumiere Project / HKBU Academy of Film

Founder & CEO / Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Singapore / Hong Kong

Lumiere monitors and manages investment risks in media & entertainment : 

Paul CoppensMelbourne Philharmonic OrchestraFounder & Director (in recess)Australia, BrisbaneCreating a network of organizations which are involved in Membership Event Management using Hyperledger:
Rouslan OvtcharoffBlockchain Global Entertainment AllianceFounderUS
Igor DubrovinskyAetrexDeveloperUS

Anish KuttiMizuho AmericasVPUSGood at building full-stack applications. I like wearing UX/UI/API/DB/BA/Lead hats.
Gifted with quick learning and implementing skills
Aditya GuptaAmdocsSoftware ArchitectDelhi, India
Niku SinghStudentDeveloperGoa, India
Lakshmanan Palaniappan3ES partnersPrincipal ConsultantSingapore

I'm a traditional banking consultant with a huge interest in blockchain and would love to contribute to this space in any shape and form

Disclaimer: I'm not representing 3ES here, I'm representing myself and this is not linked to 3ES and any consulting the company provides.

Bhaskar RamBhaskar AgencyBlogger, Journalist and Free Lancer in media MarketingBengaluru, IndiaWe are a team of Blockchain experts and developers and we aim to interduce the latest blockchain in the mass media industry's , we are always open for collabs and open discussions related development in Blockchain Space.
Kyle SmithWeb3CoalitionCo-Founder Nashville, USAA Coalition of Web3 DAO's escorting the Music Industry into the Metaverse. 
Jon BauerCovelopFounderOakland, CA, USAWe create ecommerce, web and mobile platforms artists and record labels.


  1. Welcome Bhaskar Ram and your team from the Bhaskar Agency to the Hyperledger Media & Entertainment Special Interest Group. (MESIG).

    I'm excited to hear more about what you and your team are doing in the blockchain space and the media industry.  

    Our next general MESIG meeting is Monday April 25, 2022 at 12:00PM Eastern and I would like to invite you to introduce yourself and your team and chat briefly about your plans for Hyperledger, blockchain and your development in the blockchain space.

    Have a look Upcoming Meeting w Agenda -MESIG

    Brett Russell

    Co-chair, Hyperledger Media & Entertainment Special Interest Group

  2. Welcome Kyle Smith  to the Hyperledger Media & Entertainment Special Interest Group. (MESIG).

    We are please you're taking the role as Music SIG Lead and look forward to collaborating.  

    Our next general MESIG meeting is this coming Monday April 25, 2022 at 12:00PM Eastern and I would like to invite you to introduce yourself and briefly say hello if you're available.

    For those who did not see the announcement about Kyle earlier today here is an interesting excerpt: 


    Kyle believes "Web3 music will need a sophisticated private blockchain layer to fullstack satisfy the needs of Universal, Warner and other majors."

    Kyle Smith wants Hyperledger to be that sophisticated private blockchain layer.


    Have a look Upcoming Meeting w Agenda -MESIG

    Brett Russell

    Co-chair, Hyperledger Media & Entertainment Special Interest Group