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I. Welcome

Anti Trust Policy Antitrust Policy Notice

II. Introductions from people new to the call:

Bobbi,, James, Richard Bob  

III. EdX Update / Discussion:

  • Resources Page to track work requests EdX Updates - No updates
  • Rocket Chat Requests _ no Updates

IV.  Wiki / Pages (Updates and Additions) Wiki page isn't user friendly, Richard and Bob are gong to update

  • Bi-weekly meeting agenda and meeting recordings and notes.
  • Resource Page: 

Best Practices Resource Checklist: Need to create a process by which standards are applied. 

 Market Release Standards that will define processes  documentation development life cycle. Richard and Bob explained how to use Courseware guidelines. 

Slides on how to format presentations: Hyperledger template (1).pptx: Guidelines for formatting presentations 

Image Library:

Logo Library:

White Papers are still under overall Resources page : Gordon Graham - Technical Writer working with Hyperledger White papers  

Need To develop materials for Key Terminology that isn't project / platform specific. James will incorporate work from IROHA

Use Cases Needed

  • Team Member Page -  encouraging everyone who receives email to input information. Bobbi will organize section

V. Support other Working Groups and Special Interest Groups: No new groups in attendance

  • Current Updates
  • Encourage member to join other Working Groups and Special Interest Groups as representatives of the Learning Materials Working Group.

VI.   2019 Team / Individual Objectives

Survey: Needs information on how people become chairs and Co-chairs 

Edit and test Materials 

VII. Recruitment:

  1.  All (12) Projects should have representation in Learning Material resources, then representation should extend to Working Groups and Special Interest Groups.
  2. . Universities - Hack-a-thons, Internships, Labs develop ecosystems. . David Boswell

 Richard Moss Ideas: Brainstorm - Group agrees that the web page (wiki) needs to be more accessible to new comers and needs to have an easier way for existing members to pick up a project.

VII. Presentations:

"Understanding Hyperledger Fabric" 

Link to Training programs:

VII. Old Business:

Document Ready Checklist

VIII. New Business

New Leadership: Survey Result

IX. Close

  • Next meeting March 25, 2019. 
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