Today's Call

  • Project updates
  • Mattr Presentation – Kyle Den Hartog

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  • Indy Interoperathon Conference (Stephen Curran)

    • Enabling resolution protocols to operate across different Indy networks

    • Virtual event in September
    • Info & Registration
  • Sovrin Technical Governance Board – seeking nominees

Working Group Reports and Release Plans

  • Hyperledger Indy
  • Trust Over IP Foundation
    • Main site: 
    • Wiki: 
    • 15 July 2020 - All Member Meeting:  
    • ToIP Working Groups:
      • Governance Stack
        • ToIP Standards Specification (TSS) - defines overall governance framework model, intended to become an industry standard.  May be implemented by multiple TIPs
        • Layer One Utility Governance Framework Templates (based on Sovrin)
      • Technical Stack 
        • ToIP Interoperability Profile (TIP) - a specific combination of technology layers for a full ToIP stack (e.g., Layer 1: Indy, Layer 2: Aries, Layer 3: Aries, etc.)
        • Layers - technical description & scope, required functionality, interfaces to other layers, certification testing standards
      • Utility Foundry
        • Focus on Layer One (e.g., Indy ledger) utility projects
      • Ecosystem Foundry
      • Decentralized Semantics
        • Define specs and best practices for the data capture processes and semantic standards
        • Data capture architecture of immutable schema bases and interoperable overlays
      • Concepts and Terminology 
        • Develop a glossary of shared concepts and terminology  
  • W3C Standard
    • Verifiable Credentials Working Group
    • DID Working Group
      • DID Working Group Face-to-Face this week. Expect freeze to standard in May.
  • Other?

Open Discussion

  • Mattr Presentation – Kyle Den Hartog
    • Supporting compliant DID Documents without changes to Indy Node or Indy Plenum
    • Target:  proposing a new set of conventions to make it possible for the universal resolver sovrin driver and indy-vdr-proxy library (and other resolver implementations) to produce a did-core compliant DID document without needing to update the transaction structures that are submitted to the Indy ledger.
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