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Description A brief description of the Special Interest Group and its activities


Brief introduction and a link to the full text of SIG charter

Mission and Goals



  • Meeting Details (Frequency/Calendar/Invites)

Hyperledger Community Calendar and SIG meeting Invite

Online meeting URL

Dial in details:
Phone numbers (USA)

Toll-free numbers (USA)

iPhone (one-tap)

International numbers/Zoom link

  • Past meetings agendas, transcripts and recordings


  • Subgroup A (brief description and the link to Subgroup page)
  • Subgroup B (brief description and the link to Subgroup page)
  • Subgroup C (brief description and the link to Subgroup page)

SIG activities

Examples: List of ongoing projects; Periodic Status Reports; Project proposals; Ecosystem Analysis; Presentations; Use case inventory; Research; Articles etc.

Bi-annual reports (automatic update)

Leadership and Members

SIG Chair

SIG Vice-Chair

Hyperledger Staff POC

SIG Member directoryLink to member directory

Collaboration with other groups

Collaboration with other SIGs, WGs, TSC etc. (A short description and any eventual links).

Getting Involved

You are invited to get involved with [...] SIG. Here are some ways you can get started.

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  • Join our regular calls

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Recent achievements

Recent achievements

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