Smart Contracts Working Group

Working Group Health

The overall health is Good. We have new working products. New contributors/participants are joining constantly but many not steadily. Some others join steadily and contribute.

Questions/Issues for the TSC

No issues at the time.

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

Smart Contracts Business and Use Cases (Ongoing)

Smart Contracts Annotated Bibliography

Bicycle Supply Chain structure - Use Case [DRAFT]

Grants Management Use Case

Provenance Use Case Smart Contracts [WIP]

Taxonomy and Supply Chain in Practice (draft blog post)

Smart Contract Issues [WIP]

Planned Work Products

Blog post(s)

Opinion paper

Taxonomy ver 2.0

Participant Diversity

Women started attending WG meetings and contributing. Our diversity is on a good track.

Additional Information

We want to start hosting small talks about 15-20 minutes from guest speakers

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  1. so a question for the TSC. How do we handle productive efforts in WG in the new world ?

    Are existing efforts "grandfathered" and do need a task force approval ?

    1. Good question Mark Wagner 

      I prefer that if a work product was already chartered that we let that continue without adding bureaucracy. 

      And any new work products should follow the new process.

      1. By "grandfathering" do we mean that a task force is created automatically for those work products without needing an extra step of TSC approval?