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  • A guide to the Taxonomy.

We are in early conversation on the intent of the post. Ideas include

  • How may taxonomy, as overview, inform and support a supply chain use case? 


  • How taxonomy informs interoperability


From Here to There

Smart contract products are about details. And the big picture. And a wide ranging array of interwoven considerations. Taxonomies support visualizing, planning, and preparing to act. That said, it's a long way from:

to a series of user stories: 

As a , [USER], I want [SOME FEATURE] so that I can [GET SOME VALUE].

Flipping from user stories first and taxonomy second offers respite from the overwhelming. The taxonomy reminds us smart contracts are an ecosystem play, even the most stalwart and optimistic team will reside in the cone of uncertainty. What if we consider the taxonomy as graphical representation of the ecosystem? As such, it may serve as information radiator of our human and digital partners. Taxonomy, as guide, serves as a net to catch missed linkages or to view obscure compliance issues.

Prioritizing High Value Work

With taxonomy nearby, let's consider how interpretation of a sampling of user stories shifts.

Example 1: 

(thinking to add a few user stories and a BPMN to represent graphically. Then, ping to the taxonomy to see how it helps to inform or standardize the project as a quick snapshot).

  • How might taxonomies reduce the risk of technical debt?

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