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The anticipated initial work products will include (but are not limited to):

  • Taxonomy for smart contracts in every day scenarios
  • White Paper about smart contracts and the respected aspects concerning their usage
  • Survey the state of the art and academic content 
  • Performance of smart contracts across the different HL DLT frameworks
  • Identifying use cases, case studies
  • Find practical ways to connect stuff 'out there' with things we could use within our implementations
  • Exploring security, privacy, legal boundaries
  • Proposing solutions to the problems identified
  • Produce 'Requests To Build' that could feed into feature planning on the different Hyperledger frameworks
  • Identifying conferences or other opportunities to connect face to face

Current Work Products

Blockchain 3.0 Smart Contracts in e-Government 3.0 Applications [Review]

Smart Contracts Taxonomy [REVIEW]

Smart Contracts Law 101

What is a Smart Contact? (WIP)

Smart Contracts Business and Use Cases (DRAFT)

Smart Contracts Business and Use Cases

Supply Chain Smart Contracts

Language Review (WIP)