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The Learning Materials and Working Group goal is developing open source training material (licensed as specified by the Hyperledger Charter) to educate people interested in expanding their knowledge of Hyperledger and its projects. The working group will consult with other Hyperledger working groups, Hyperledger team members, and the project maintainers to identify training needs and develop strategies, as well as, material to address those needs. The output of this working group will be targeted towards both technical and non-technical audiences.

Working Group Health

The Learning Materials working group although has seen a decline in membership, is gaining momentum to achieve new goals. We are actively recruiting new member from both the enterprise and education sectors. With a new focus on creating a Resources Library supported by all the projects , working and special Interest groups, we are hoping to increase membership support..  The group also had issues with the EdX updates, once Traci left,  no one was responsible for taking updates and merging them into the main document. We are also actively seeking new leadership to help increase membership.

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

The group went through a transitional phase with dwindling membership. The focus of the group was on the EdX update, which every one agrees is a VITAL piece to the success of the Hyperledger projects, but with the product revisions deemed to be an overwhelming undertaking for volunteers . The group shifted its focus to vetting,maintaining an updating learning materials that the experts for each project and group are developing. Members also created original learning material that have been added to the Resource Page.   

Planned Work Products

  • Creation of Standard - Best Practices -The group plans on creating a system by which all the documents on the Resource Page have been checked against Standards that represent  the Hyperledger Community. By creating a set of standards for documentation and video presentations, and by vetting the resources available on the Learning Materials page against those standards, we can be assured the message is a accurate, up to date and consistent. 
  • It  is our plan to have representation from all the Frameworks and Projects in the Learning Materials Working Group. Each group will be responsible for submitting the documentation and learning materials created by project teams.
  • Use Cases : Learning Material working group will collect Hyperledger use cases and organize them for easy access.

Participant Diversity

Since the membership has decline we are actively seeking new leadership.  We have issued a Google poll to recruit a new leadership team. New recruitment has begun in the project groups and we are reaching out to our contacts in the Education sector. We plan on getting the Special Interest Groups and Working Group involved so the Resource Page accurately reflects the work product produced.

Additional Information

 Thank you for the opportunity to serve a Chairperson to the Learning Material Working Group. I hope to see this group grow in support so that the Resource Library becomes a consistent source of reliable Learning Material that support this amazing open source community.  Bobbi Muscara  

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  1. Its clear to me that the TSC and HL need to have some deeper discussions on this. The mission of this WG is very important.