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CA2 SIG Publications from group

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Presentations from the Open Climate Collabathon

*This is a great resource of dialogues covering many aspects of the Climate Accounting Challenge. Organized by CA2SIG member Open Earth Foundation

Industry Reports - Distributed Ledger Technology and Climate

Education Resources

Friends of the Cause

Hyperledger Frameworks tools & projects with significant linkages to climate action & accounting

This list is to identify ongoing projects of the Hyperledger

  • Application of Hyperledger Aries for permits in oil wells in British Columbia, CA, and possible extensions of verifiable credentials for agent design in both IoT reporting devices 
  • Application of Hyperledger Fabric for transactional carbon offsetting/climate finance for supply-chains, e-commerce, etc. features API, DApp and ERC-20 linked token/smart contract at - interested in collaboration on use cases - contact

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