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Here are some recommendations to help you get started:

Get up-to-speed with the work of the CA2 SIG

  • Review the Project Charter to learn about the CA2 SIG mission, objectives, and scope of work.
  • Explore the different working groups that have been created to learn about work being planned and currently underway.
  • Join a meeting and introduce yourself.
  • Review meeting notes and listen to recordings of past CA2 SIG Meetings to familiarize yourself with key areas of focus and work underway.
  • Review the Resources Page for online reporting and educational material related to global climate accounting and the Publications and Presentations Page for content that has been written and presented by the Climate Action and Accounting Group.

Make a Video

Please make a video like this one:

You can use your phone, table, or laptop and make a video that says:
- Who you are and where you're from
- Why you joined the SIG
- What you're interested in working on  OR what you're goals are
- Suggestions for anyone else to join the SIG

Please make it in your native language if it's not English.

Then please upload it to youtube, instagram, or whatever platform and reply to this email with a link to it.  

We'll include your videos in this wiki, so people could hear the collective voice of our group from all over the world working on climate together.  We'll also be reviewing the videos to choose some segments for a montage video.

Finally, on Earth Day (April 22), let's all go on twitter and share our videos and re-tweet each others with the hashtags #opensource #climatechange #hyperledger #hlca2sig #earthday #video

Mentorship Opportunities

The following mentorships are already filled.  

For future mentorship opportunities, please see Hyperledger Mentorship Program.  

Contribute as a non-technical member

You can do a lot to help move us forward even if you're not a coder!  We need your help connecting our software to real-world climate action, so post to the group and tell us what you're working on and how we could work together.

As a non-technical member you can:

  • Share subject matter expertise from your field 
  • Organize a speaker to present at a CA2SIG meeting
  • Conduct Research on how our work could make an impact
  • Make Feature Proposals
  • Start a project
  • Talk about this project on your blog or social media.  Make a Video (see above for suggestions.)  Post a link to it on our CA2 SIG Publications and Presentations page.
  • Work on a Mentorship Opportunity (see above.)

For example, if you have an idea that could stop climate change:

  1. Write up your idea.  Get inspirations from our Project Ideas Board
  2. Take a look at what we've already built.  Could you use some of the pieces for your idea?
  3. Write the mailing list and tell us your idea or fill out the Call for Use Cases form.  
  4. Get our developers to help build your idea. 

Contribute as a technical member/developer

If you're a developer, welcome!  Here's our chance to make our code matter in the world.

As a technical member/developer you can: 

  • Add to the test coverage
  • Implement fully designed modules.
  • Call out need for specific requirements on the mailing list
  • Contribute to the project roadmap by creating issues on GitHub
  • Build apps based on our project.  It's open source!  
  • Work on a Mentorship Opportuity (see above.)

If you are a developer and new to blockchain, start by:

If you are an experienced blockchain developer:

To view active technical contribution opportunities, click here or see the issues below:

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Code of Conduct

Please take a moment to review the Hyperledger Code of Conduct before participating and please follow it in all your interactions with the project.

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