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  • February 25, 2020 at 8 AM Pacific

Dial-In Information:

You can join either from your computer or from your phone:


22 people on the zoom call


Hyperledger is committed to creating a safe and welcoming community for all. For more information please visit our Code of Conduct: Hyperledger Code of Conduct

Meeting Agenda & Discussion topics

  • Welcome everyone from the SIG chairs
  • Walkthrough previous sessions and Agenda for the day  (Martin)

  • Upcoming meeting schedule and important dates

  • SIG member introductions (All)

  • Discussion topics for the SIG members: 
    • New introductions by members that did not assist the launch

    • Creation of a working group and strategy to define standards for climate accounting
    • Creation of Resource section for sharing Hyperledger technology frameworks that are relevant to climate accounting
    • Migrating Aartum into CA2SIG

    • Hyperledger Global Forum coming up in March - CA2 SIG presence at the event
    • Issues with Hyperledger Chat server
    • (add discussion topics here)
  • An introduction to Hyperledger Labs
  • Take part in Hyperledger's summer mentorship program – submit a project proposal before end of February
  • Wrap-up and next steps

Meeting Minutes, Notes and Action Items:


  • Intro by Co-chairs and review of last meeting
  • Share outs by new community members:

Elieen Doohan - Climate Hacks .org

Jan Scheufen - Hyperledger Burrow

Bobbi Muscara - HL Learning Material working groups

Noel Coenraad - Policy background from Columbia Uni with interest in blockchain & SDG

Alex Howard - Nova Institute developing in Aartum project

Mohamed Abdulaziz - Chief developer, Block-Leap an energy and blockchain solutions startup

Montagu Murray - Nova Institute (non-profit company in South Africa)

  • Co-chairs stressing the importance of adding SIG members, company name and description of your project in the Member Directory. Also add relevant Climate+DLT info to Resources tab
  • Discussion around creation of Working groups. New WG tab now available in the Wiki to propose working group topics. See WG tab here
  • Discussion around Standards: 
    • Tom Baumann giving an intro to the role of standards, how important and relevant they are, the $billion dollars they represent (1-2% of GDP), the need for analog vs digital approaches to standards & the need for strategy in developing them
    • Need for improving current standards for climate accounting, starting with mitigation actions (as key first part for adaptation and in order to incorporate the use of new digital tools and maximizing the value they create. 
    • Martin distinguishing climate standards vs DLT climate standards
    • Chris Gabriel, discussing the need for standards to avoid a 500 blockchains problem. The need to have a common language for every DLT to speak, and getting businesses involved. 
    • Important work to scoping standards, since there are many forms of standards that need to come together within climate accounting
    • Christiaan raising the role of WBCSD and WRI with the greenhouse gas protocol, that also led to many development of standards. 
    • Tom Baumann will proposed a process to develop a strategy used for standard development.
  • Hyperledger frameworks relevant to climate applications:
    • Martin to create a space in the resource section for members to share experience in HL framework application to climate
    • Martin and the Open Climate project with experience in Hyperledger Sawtooth and Iroha for a climate ledger, and Hyperledger Indy with the Spatial Web Foundation
    • Mohamed Abdulaziz with Hyperledger Besu experience for certificates of origin
    • Chris Gabriel (hyperchain) working using Hyperledger Fabrics  with an integration to the Ethereum Virtual Machine for certificates of origin
  • Hyperledger SIG scope and the role of Labs
    • This topic is in relation to the comment of migrating existing projects like Aartum to the SIG
    • SIGs can usher a Labs initiative to begin working with existing open source code projects
    • Have the SIG community think about what can be worked on in terms of code
  • Summer Mentorship Program 
    • Hyperledger funds technical students to work on existing code projects
    • Applications to access these interns for your ongoing projects are due at the end of the month
  • Hyperledger Global Forum
    • Martin Wainstein will be in the forum representing the SIG and will be involved in the next events:
    • Martin discussing SIG on a panel on climate accounting and energy with Hyperledger and LF Energy. March 3 at 4:15pm at room 102a. Agenda here. 
    • Birds of a Feather for the Climate SIG on March 4. BOF links here
    • Special Interest Group Kiosk, will be on March 5 at 4pm. Kiosk link here. 
  • Other topics and ideas to add to the SIG
    • Involvement of the scientific community in both the development of standards and the role of DLT
    • Interoperability within the Hyperledger 

Meeting Recording


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