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  • Set up chat channel named #{working-group-name}-wg (see HOWTO Create a Chat Channel)

  • Set up mailing list named {working-group-name} (see HOWTO Create a Mailing List and HOWTO Add Moderator and/or Owner to Mailing List)

  • Set up Wiki space using working group space (To be created in the meantime use the Sample WG Home Page as the home page in a blank space)

    • Configure the sidebar on the space and remove the "Pages", "Blog", and "Space Shortcuts" sections by clicking on the `-` sign next to them until they appear as a `+` sign. Then save the changes.
    • Edit the space permissions to provide View rights (and only view rights) to anonymous users.
    • Label the page with wg-home so that it shows up on the main page and project page automatically
  • Set up a section in your wiki space for your Meeting Notes and Zoom recordings

  • Add this wiki space to the "Working Group" menu (see HOWTO Modify Top-Level Menu). Note: List is alphabetical.
  • Work with the WG chair to determine a date/time for the WG meetings. Choose a time that does not conflict with other WG and/or project calls from the community calendar.  Make sure they email the request to
  • Have the WG chair send an invite to and the new mailing list for the meeting
  • Create an event on the TSC calendar for the first quarterly update (see example). We normally skip at least one quarter before requiring them to do their first update. That gives them time to get things up and running
  • Create an event on the new working group's calendar to remind the subscribers that their TSC update is due (see example)
  • Work with the marketing team to add the working group to
  • Work with PR team to create a blog post
  • Send out welcome email to the WG chair
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  1. Should we continue to use the Hyperledger Community Google Drive folder after we move to Confluence? It seems that it might be better to have the working groups capture any information in their WG space on Confluence, which should be accessible by all.

  2. Tracy, an operational drawback with using Google Drive is that any file that I create is attributed to my total drive allocation (in GB), and not the Hyperledger community drive. This is a side-effect of our decision to have SIG/subgroup leads do their own meeting recording. While this may not have shorter-term issues (accrual rates will depend on group activity), I can tell you that ~30% of my size allocation has gone to HL for meeting uploads (e.g., MP4 files).

  3. Should we also talk about JIRA and GitHub or Gerrit setups here?

  4. Silona Bonewald Today, most of our WGs do not use Jira and Github/Gerrit.

  5. Silona Bonewald, I'd also add that the shared nature of large files isn't exercised by these other tools. As for the merit of the tools in general, they're quite good, but I'd personally prefer something other than Jira that's more in line with our open-source position as exemplified through the Linux Foundation.

  6. Rich Bloch One of the features of using confluence is now you can store your large files here.  That was not an option in Docuwiki.