These instructions are needed when an organization has created a repo in their own organization or personal account and they now want to contribute it to the Hyperledger Foundation.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Raise the question about whether and where to contribute the repo with the Hyperledger project Leads/Maintainers.
  2. Make sure of the structure of the repo(s) -- e.g. licenses, contribution documents – match the expectations for a Hyperledger repository.

  3. Address the DCO usage in the commit history. If there is not a complete DCO history, you probably have to lose the history -- that's can be the biggest stumbling block. If all commits have DCO sign-off, you are fine, and if most have that history, you might be able to add DCO signing to commits.

  4. Work with the Hyperledger Community Architects to transfer the repos and set up the maintainer lists -- define who are the committers on the project?

  5. Make sure there docs and welcome paths for those new to the repo.
  6. Announce and promote the repo throughout the impacted communities.