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EMEA Friendly Time (https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20220607T150000&p1=224&p2=179&p3=1440&p4=195&p5=47)

  • 8 am Tuesday Los Angeles time
  • 11 am Tuesday New York time
  • 17h Tuesday Paris time


  •  Housekeeping
  • General Announcements
    • CI (Matt Nelson )
      • Delaying circle CI deprecation
        • 2-4 million credits we burn per month 
        • We have about 4 million credits remaining (likely till the end of November) 
        • Discussion on buying 4m additional credits (follow-up offline Ry Jones Hart Montgomery Matt Nelson )
      • GH Actions
        • Tests are too big for GHA 
        • Hyperledger is buying hardware to run the tests on GHA 
      • Blocker for Java 17? 
        • re-surface this for the next call
    • Besu bounty programs/security audits (Hart Montgomery)
      • Hart to coordinate with Tim and bring it back to the team
    • Meeting with LaCChain regarding possible interest in contributing to Besu (Hart Montgomery )
      • discussion on the best way to interact 
      • flash out a proposal on the new release process (Matt Nelson)
      • Connecting them with Sally MacFarlanewould be great
  • Release updates
    • 22.10.0 discussion
    • Discussion of the release process 
      • Proposal to change release process in-flight
    • Besu charter discussions 

Work Updates

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