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EMEA Friendly Time (https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20220607T150000&p1=224&p2=179&p3=1440&p4=195&p5=47)

  • 8 am Tuesday Los Angeles time
  • 11 am Tuesday New York time
  • 17h Tuesday Paris time


Work Updates

    • Merge Update (Justin):
    • Checkpoint sync merged on main
      • (genesis block, Karim)
      • background mechanism (similar to GETH)
      • checkpoints update
        • last one November
      • once ready. 
        • working on a blog on results 
      • reminder: putting that to the release checklist from Gary
  • Other Business 
    • Automated Security Bot Requests
      LinuxFoundation as a part of the insights process is creating an automated "security bot" that will analyze LF (and hence Hyperledger project).  The feature set is very low at the moment, but they are actively soliciting feature requests.  What would Besu want to see?
      • No high priority requests.
    • Separate lists for code maintainers and non-code maintainers https://github.com/hyperledger/besu/pull/3790
      • Should the approval process be different? Non-code maintainers can change status of tickets but can't approve PRs
      • PR to add 2 new non-code maintainers https://github.com/hyperledger/besu/pull/3811
      • discussion if triage is working or not and looks like it is working: permissions are working for Execution Client triage
    • Security Audit Update? Timeline?
      • discord discussion
    • Validator Experience with Besu
  • Metrics Review - https://insights.lfx.linuxfoundation.org/projects/hyperledger%2Fbesu/dashboard;quicktime=time_filter_3Y
  • Roadmap Review - Roadmap
    • Note from Matt on 22.7 
      • fixing, testing with EF 
    • optimistic support, rollup client diversity question 
      • Matt Nelson  will engage more with those devs regarding changes rollups product requirement 
        • example on providing more APIs
    • New addition - peering improvement and node operations improvement
      • improving node operations (Helen input)
      • scale faster, investigations on lowering cost
      • version release discussion 
        • quarterly releases
  • Open Forum
  • Future Topics

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