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EMEA/AMER Friendly Time -  1500 UTC (https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20201012T150000&p1=224&p2=179&p3=1440&p4=195&p5=47)

  • 8 AM Thursday San Francisco
  • 11 AM Thursday New York
  • 3 PM Thursday UTC
  • 5 PM Thursday Paris/Berlin
  • 1 AM Wednesday Brisbane


  •  Housekeeping
  • General Announcements
    • Incentive Program Update: [WIP] Proposal #4
      • Follow up on these Hyperledger action items from prior call: 
        • Can Hyperledger hold the withdrawal keys and hold crypto
        • Can they hold the funds from the transaction fees and distribute them to participating maintainers’ organizations
        • Can Hyperledger commit to using the funds solely for Besu mainnet work
        • Can Hyperledger assign someone on staff as a Besu community manager to help manage the maintainer list, scope out bounties, manage the program from their side
      • Tim from EF reviewed the doc
      • Proposal will move forward on Friday 18 Feb if there is no substantive objection.
      • Q on maintainer definition - who decides?
        • Participation as a MM is more fluid than Besu Maintainer
        • Some MMs may take sabbaticals
        • Besu community consensus should decide, EF and HLF make final call.
          • Perhaps EF should start and end decision?
      • Discussions about how maintainers move up and down and in and out of program.
      • Who decides who is MM and not?  3 options.
        • 1 round of proposals then EF decides
        • full discussion w.in besu
        • start and end with Tim
      • Next Steps from Incentive Program Conversation:
        • Grace to follow up getting resolution on who decides role eligibility for the EF Incentive Program
        • Hyperledger staff to confirm their four action items above
        • Assuming first item above is resolved and no additional concerns are raised, this proposal will be considered final on 2/18. ConsenSys, HLF and EF will begin agreement drafting with their legal teams.
  • Roadmap Review - Roadmap
  • Release updates
    • 22.1.0 planning - list of bugfixes to cherrypick Release 22.1.0 - only one is a regression since 21.10.x
    • Tracking who is doing each release Release Rotations 2022
    • Team is working toward several Release Process Improvements here
    • Start a formal release rotation
      • Volunteers:
        • Jiri
        • Karim
        • Danno (22.1.1)
        • Justin
        • Gary
        • <Ausie Engineers?>
      • Need a quarterly release coordinator?
      • Next Step from this conversation: Bring this conversation to Discord to align on coordination plan
  • Work Updates
    • trace APIs - ongoing
    • Merge Update
  • Other Business 
    • Proposal - Move Baseline JVM to Java 17 (#3320)
      • Start communication now, no sooner than 22.7.0?  (ideally 22.7.0, could slip to 22.10.0)
      • Action Item - Danno Ferrin
  • Metrics Review - https://insights.lfx.linuxfoundation.org/projects/hyperledger%2Fbesu/dashboard;quicktime=time_filter_3Y
  • Open Forum
    • We are officially on Discord! Should we add maintainer's Discord handle on Maintainer list? 
      • Shameless plug: if you see anything referencing RocketChat, please update it to go to Discord
      • Action item - Danno Ferrin
    • Proposal - "Off Week" Discord voice chat meetup. When?
    • Docker image signing. ConsenSys introducing this as standard (EthSigner, Web3Signer etc) - does it make sense to add this for Besu?
    • Deprecating log42j
  • Future Topics

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