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The Hyperledger Architecture Work Group (AWG) is a technical workgroup focused on developing an architectural framework for Enterprise class distributed ledgers, towards convergence on a modular architecture. This includes identifying common and critical components, providing a functional decomposition of an Enterprise blockchain stack into component layers and modules, regularizing interfaces between the components, and interoperability between ledgers.

The AWG serves as a cross-project forum for architects and technologists from the Hyperledger community to exchange ideas and explore alternate architectural options, discuss the tradeoffs, and capture the reasoning behind the choices. The AWG provides recommendations and architectural guidance to the projects under the Hyperledger greenhouse and encourages them towards convergence on a modular architecture. The AWG invites individual Hyperledger projects for architecture and design review to benefit from the expertise from the community as well as to shape the architectural direction of Hyperledger.


Please see Charter for the full text of the charter.


The scope is technical and focused on architecture of Enterprise blockchains. For the most part the focus is on the functional (“the what”) aspects of the components, leaving design and implementation (“the how”) to the individual projects.

How to Get Involved

The Links to Ongoing Work shows the work products that currently need some input.


All Hyperledger meetings are run covered by the following Antitrust Policy.

Teleconference bi-weekly on Wed. 9 AM Pacific alternating with Identity-WG meetings. See the Calendar of Public Meetings for the next meeting and dial in details.

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Communication Channels

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Active Members

Ram JagadeesanCisco
Mic BowmanIntel
Binh NguyenState Street
Hart MontgomeryFujitsu
Stan LibermanCME Group
Murali KrishnaDTCC
Alexander YakovlevNSD.RU
Todd LittleOracle
Nathan GeorgeSovrin
Clive BoultonCertifiedTrue
Tracy KuhrtThe Linux Foundation

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