Ram Jagadeesan 

Clive Boulton


The Event-Driven Meetup has been modeling a time tracking system following Martin Fowler's Blue-Green deployment of microservices. To close the monthly financials or revisit a prior financial period. Streams need to be rebuilt into analytic objects from immutable logs rather than from aggregates in a SQL database. Blockchain is a possible database solution but is probably overkill because the data is not normally shared outside a central cloud-based system requiring cryptographic signatures. Assuming an immutable log, we consider inverting the blockchain to log the precise versions of the event-based objects in order to terraform exactly. Replay the data and scripts and event-based components at any point in time. Discussing this architecture brought up the following items for further research.

  • What code repositories are large-scale IT projects at the big banks and other regulated entities using to terraform code and data?
  • Have the selected choices been accepted and prove before regulators?
  • Are banking and supply chain systems on par with Amazon or other always-on eCommerce as adoptive of event-sourced (CQRS) based architecture?   
  • I.e. are we out over our skis in considering terraforming? 

After researching the above questions we plan to propose presenting any worthwhile findings to the AWG. 

Resources (free to attend meetings often Tuesdays and Fridays 10:30 AM Pacific - (about 5-12 architects attend).

Slack channel is open-source

Upcoming paid 2-5 day workshop online Nov 16-20 see agenda to learn the scope of slack channel open-sourced content (not an intended plug).


Presentation planned on 11/18 on Deletion in Append-Only WORM ledgers; Partitioning Detection+Prevention

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