Ram Jagadeesan 

Peter Somogyvari

Danno Ferrin

Clive Boulton

@Santhosh Kumar


Ram invited Peter to give an update on Cactus and the architecture difficulties (hear the audio recording).

Peter spoke about much of the effort has gone into merging two code major contributor bases and making the result in docker containers

The code merge bubbled implementation issues back to the higher level

The docker containers allows either a centralized or spread out deployment

For example the routing mechanism allow for two separate Fabric instances, these may be in the same version, different version, same domain, different domain.

Also looked at Corda (hear the audio tape).

Other projects are added via plugins; very early Besu plugin

Privacy and confidentiality is still under development

Discussion about transparency, interledger working and trust.

Many interop requests lead to a Cactus blockchain, that we wish to avoid, by finding the sweet-spot. For example  using a cockroach db or using the most trusted blockchain as the leader.

All this effort toward an MVP, timing hear the audio (the Fabric plugin cannot yet issue transactions).

Fabric, Quorum, Corda, Besu are initial plugins.

Simple asset transfer is initial use case (copy data from one ledger to another with signatures)

For now atomic swap is not initial (swap is). 


Q&A (hear audio)


The Chubby lock service paper by Mike Burrows, Google Inc is well written and succinct

Camille Fournier presented on The Chubby lock service for loosely-coupled distributed systems at Papers We Love NYC


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