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If there's a Hyperledger project you're interested in learning more about, starting to use or contribute to, then please feel free to join one of the project's open community calls.  All calls in the community are open for you to attend and you're welcome to dial-in and just listen or to ask questions and take part in discussions.  Check out our Community Calendar to see when project calls are scheduled and how to dial-in.

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Hyperledger staff have published an article that explains how the community managers the full lifecycle of a project from launch, growth, maturity and end of life.  Managing the full lifecycle of projects, and removing projects from the community when they become inactive, is a critical part of helping our community grow.  If you're interested in community management and how a large open source foundation operates, check out the post about Helping A Community Grow By Pruning Inactive Projects.


There are two virtual Hyperledger meetups happening next week you may be interested in – one in English and one in German:

You can find more Hyperledger calls and other events listed on the community calendar.

This newsletter is sent out to hundreds of Hyperledger developers. It is a collaborative effort. If you have a project release, pull request, community event, and/or relevant article you would like highlighted next week, please leave a comment for consideration.

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