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The Technical Oversight Committee has recently approved new Task Forces that will be focused on helping improve parts of the Hyperledger community and these are open to everyone who is interested.  There are Tasks Forces focused on Documentation, Onboarding, Security Vulnerabilities and Project Best Practices.  If you're interested, join the Task Force channels on Discord or any of the upcoming calls.

Noteworthy Pull Requests

Articles, Training & Tutorials


Hyperledger meetup groups are beginning to host more in person meetups.  If you're in the San Francisco Bay Area or Barcelona, you're invited to attend these upcoming events.  And if you're in other locations and are interested in getting meetups going where you are, reach out to us and we're happy to help you with that.

You can find more Hyperledger calls and other events listed on the community calendar.

This newsletter is sent out to hundreds of Hyperledger developers. It is a collaborative effort. If you have a project release, pull request, community event, and/or relevant article you would like highlighted next week, please leave a comment for consideration.

  • @TBD add announcements, code & projects, articles, training & tutorials, events
  • Arun S M add noteworthy pull requests
  • Arun S M review code & projects
  • @TBD review code & projects
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