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Code & Projects

  • Hyperledger Burrow releases v0.34.4

Articles, Training & Tutorials


  • Hyperledger In-depth: Pravici- Verifiable Credentials – How to bring students and employees back to school and work while respecting privacy in the covid era

This newsletter is sent out to hundreds of Hyperledger developers. It is a collaborative effort. If you have a project release, pull request, community event, and/or relevant article you would like highlighted next week,  please leave a comment for consideration.

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  1. Can we please link to the recording of the Minifabric presentation and demo from earlier in the week for people who missed the live event?  The video is at:

  2. Arun S Mcan you please add in any noteworthy pull requests ASAP for today's distro? Thx

    1. Done! This week was tight for me.

      1. Thank you, really appreciate it!