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Tuesday 13th April

05:00 am UK Summertime -(6:00pm CET)  .  9:30pm IST – Noon US EST – 9am US PST

Meeting link:

Meeting ID: 622 333 6701
Passcode: 475869  

Meeting agenda

Paperless promissory notes on DLPC*

The future of digital trade finance through Distributed Ledger Technology based solutions

*Distributed Ledger Payment Commitment

Frameworkà Section the event in 2 parts

  1. Will focus on DLPC, while highlighting the technical details of the initiative (4 slides)
  2. FQX as a solution provider within the DLPC framework for a Promissory Note case issued on DLT by FQX according DLPC standards
  3. Slides between 25& 35 slides

Moderators: Andrea Frosinini and Eugenio Reggianini

BAFT: Whitman Knapp  will start by saying why we do this, the origin, the banking and trade attraction to this, why is it needed?

John L. Taylor will introduce the power of the Promissory note form a Legal side.

FQX’s partà Operational aspect.

  • Introduction: Highlighting the capabilities of the Promissory note, use case (potential, strengths and effectiveness. 1 slide at least about this topic), especially the European legal framework, how is it different in the EU and USA, although there’s no European equivalent to the Delaware Law emphasize the massive change in the industry i.e., Singapore ETA, ADGM (Abu Dhabi Global Market).
  • While FQX introduces, BAFT will be coming back with some thoughts.


Poll questions


  • Talks of the Legal Framework, form Delaware Law and shifting into a more FQX centric European ecosystem.
  • Stephan’s Demo

Questions by the audience (type in questions)

Meeting recording

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