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Code & Projects

Hyperledger Besu Releases 21.1.4 version

  • Adds --discovery-dns-url CLI command #2088 and other fixes

Hyperledger Cactus Releases v0.4.1and includes the following modules

  • Ledger Plugins to communicate with various DLT platforms
  • Three  Business Logic Plugin samples 
  • Support Libraries that make programming business logic plugins easy 
  • Read more here

Blockchain Automation Framework Releases Beta 0.8.0

  • BAF Besu network now can use domain names instead of static IPs
  • BAF HL Fabric version 1.4.8 deployment support added
  • BAF HL Fabric on Digital Ocean support
  • BAF R3 Corda Enterprise deployment can now have multiple notaries deployed
  • Added CI Automation using Git Actions and workflow


  • DevRel-Marketing CommitteeProject maintainers and contributors are invited to learn how they can get involved in many aspects of marketing, and further helping spread the word about the community and projects. 
    • April 14, 9:00 am PDT
  • Hyperledger Global Forum: The largest gathering of the Hyperledger community.

This newsletter is sent out to hundreds of Hyperledger developers. It is a collaborative effort. If you have a project release, pull request, community event, and/or relevant article you would like highlighted next week, please leave a comment for consideration.

  • Helen Garneau add announcements, code & projects, articles, training & tutorials, events
  • Arun S M add noteworthy pull requests
  • Ry Jones add upcoming project maintainer calls
  • Arun S M review code & projects
  • Ry Jones review code & projects
  • Helen Garneau create the next newsletter and update the link
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  1. Added release information from last 7 days in addition to noteworthy PRs. It will help if you could give feedback on what level of information is required. This will be implemented in the tool that is being developed to automatically scrape these data points

    1. Typically, we just want to present a synapsis of the release, notable fixes/additions. Nothing too long