Project TitleGlobal Scouting of DLT and Blockchain Educational Opportunities





The Learning Materials and Development Working Group at Hyperledger, Linux Foundation, is looking for two enthusiastic mentees willing to scout and map existing opportunities to learn about DLT and Blockchain around the globe.

Our Wiki Page is the entry point to the Galaxy of Hyperledger. Our team keeps a Resource Library of Hyperledger Projects and Tools, Use Cases, Key Terms, Learning Materials for Special Interest Groups and Working Groups, Templates, Meetups, Labs, Marketing, and News. As well as a sinopsis of current events, announcements, community events, requirements for Best Practice Badges, GitHub resources. We proof-read edX Blockchain courses for Linux Foundation (Hyperledger). We have 50+ registered and recorded meeting agendas.

We want to identify and contact potential allies to link our inner Hyperledger Universe with the rest of the world. We need scouts to explore, register and map the outer territories beyond our community.

Additional Information

Learning Materials Development Working Group

Learning Objectives

Interns/mentees shall learn how to structure a taxonomy of DLT / Blockchain Educational Opportunities, where to find them, and how to analyze their objectives and products.

They shall build a comprehensive Global Directory of DLT / Blockchain Educational Programs, register their websites, identify their working teams, make initial contact, and identify their potential interest to become part of an Open Source Educational Alliance with LMDWG, Hyperledger, and the Linux Foundation.

Mentees shall be supervised by four mentors: the Chair, Co-Chair, and two members of our working group. Professional and networking opportunities shall arise from the research identification, initial email contact, and engagement of potential interest in the alliance.

Expected Outcome

A Global Directory of DLT / Blockchain Educational Programs with the registry of institutions, curricula, and professors.

Relation to Hyperledger 

All Ledgers, Libraries, and Tools shall benefit from this Open Source Resource for an Educational Alliance.

Education Level

Open from undergraduate and beyond.


Communication soft-skills. Basic abilities in Excel, Word, Email. Enthusiasm for scouting and mapping a new field of education for DLT / Blockchain.

Future plans

The path forward is to evaluate all information gathered and outline a taxonomy of educational objectives, proof of skill acquisition, and certification of micro-credentials in DLT / Blockchain curricula.

Preferred Hours and Length of Internship

Full-time for 12 weeks during the summer

Mentor(s) Names and Contact Info

Alfonso Govela,

Co-Chair Learning Materials and Development Working Group, Hyperledger, Linux Foundation


Amit Chaudhari DBATU Engineering University

Project Results

Knowledge Graph (By Amit Chaudhari):


Taxonomy (Amit Chaudhari):


The research for the taxonomy was carried out by our mentor, Alfonso Govela.

Website (by Amit Chaudhari):

WebCrawler (By Zhenming Yang):

Website deployment Code repo (by Amit Chaudhari):

Github Link for Deliverables (by Amit Chaudhari):

taxonomy mind map (by Alfonso Govela): 


Final Report

Project Presentation Session Recording