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Code & Projects

Hyperledger Aries

Hyperledger Besu

  • Release 21.1.0 now available Some features include:
    • Berlin Network Upgrade: this release contains the activation blocks for Berlin across all supported testnets and the Ethereum mainnet.
    • Besu Launcher: Besu now has support for the Quorum Mainnet Launcher which makes it easy for users to configure and launch Besu on the Ethereum mainnet.
    • Bonsai Tries: A new database format which reduces storage requirements and improves performance for access to recent state.

Articles, Training & Tutorials

  • Solution Brief: Decentralized ID and Access Management (DIAM) for IoT Networks
    • This document describes a decentralized identity and access management
      (DIAM) system for IoT devices, based on open source blockchain frameworks from Hyperledger. This decentralized approach can help IoT providers build a secure and cost-effective environment to support millions of IoT devices in the near future.


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