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Code & Projects

Hyperledger Labs: Solang

    • v0.1.7: Constant folding pass and fixes all over
    • Added

      • Added a constant folding optimization pass to improve codegen. When variables fold to constant values, they are visible in the hover in the extension

      • For Substrate and Solana, address literals can specified with their base58 notation, e.g. `address foo = address"5GBWmgdFAMqm8ZgAHGobqDqX6tjLxJhv53ygjNtaaAn3sjeZ";`

      • Solana account storage implemented for bytes, string, and structs

      • Implemented delete for Solana

    • Changed

      • The Substrate target produces a single .contract file

      • The Substrate target now uses the salt argument for seal\_instantiate()


    • Libraries are allowed to have constant variables

    • Fixed ethereum abi encoding/decoding of structs and enums

    • Solana now returns an error if account data is not large enough

    • Fixed storage bytes push() and pop()

    • Ewasm uses precompiles for keccak hashing

    • Various ewasm fixes for Hyperledger Burrow

Noteworthy Pull Requests

Hyperledger Labs: Cordentity

Hyperledger Grid

Hyperledger Besu

Articles, Training & Tutorials


  • Hyperledger Global Forum 2021 will take place virtually on June 8-10. The event will offer the opportunity for users and contributors of Hyperledger projects from across the globe to connect, network and collaborate. Registration is now open as well as the call for proposals. Register today and submit a talk by March 12.

You can find more Hyperledger calls and other events listed on the community calendar

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