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Code & Projects

Hyperledger Besu

  • Besu 20.10.3 is now available. Improvements include:
    • eth/65 is now enabled by default 
    • We’ve fixed some edge cases with our tracing APIs not aligning with Parity’s
    • Block Validation errors are now are at the INFO log level
    • Added memory as an option to --key-value-storage. This ephemeral storage is intended for sync testing and debugging.

Articles, Training & Tutorials


Open Source Licensing, with Steve Winslow, Director of Strategic Programs, The Linux Foundation.
13 JAN

Open source licenses are the engine that enables collaboration across boundaries and among community participants on transparent terms. In this webinar, Steve will review the role that licenses play in open source development and will describe best practices for managing and expressing license information in open source code.

An hour with ConsenSys – What is Ethereum for the Hyperledger Community

27 JAN


Ethereum leaders provide a brief introduction of Ethereum, answer your questions about Ethereum, explain how it is already in use in Hyperledger. What to expect if you participate in this session: – Highly collaborative and interactive sessions with leaders in Ethereum and Hyperledger communities – Learn best practices and technical insights into Hyperledger’s Ethereum projects. This is not yet another webinar: participants will be encouraged to take part, come with prepared questions and opinions. Expect live demos and tutorials, stories from the battle field and hopefully some heated discussions. 

You can find more Hyperledger calls and other events listed on the community calendar

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