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Code & Projects

Hyperledger Labs: Solang

  • Release v0.1.6 is now available
    • New Visual Studio Code extension developed under Hyperledger Mentorship programme

    • Added language server for use in vscode extension

    • Implemented primitive types and operations for Solana

    • Functions can be declared outside of contracts

    • Constants can be declared outside of contracts

    • String formatting using python style "..{}..".format(n)

Hyperledger Labs: Business Partner Agent

  • Release bpa-0.1.0-alpha2.3 is now available
    • The Business Partner Agent allows to manage and exchange master data between organizations.

Hyperledger Labs: Perun

  • Release perun-node v0.5.0 is now available
    • Improvements in testing and contracts deployed on Ropsten Testnet.
  • Release go-perun v0.6.0 is now also available
    • Support for on-chain progression of app channels.

Hyperledger Aries

  • Aries Framwork Go release v0.1.5 is now available
    • Encrypted Storage Capability (#2199)

      • Support for encrypted storage. Encryption format and underlying storage providers are both pluggable.
      • Concrete implementation of the EDV encryption format (data model).
      • Concrete implementation of the EDV REST API as a storage provider.
      • Support for TrustBloc EDV Server extensions. These are optional and default to being disabled in order to ensure compatibility with purely standard EDV server implementation.

      LD Signatures

      • Support for capabilityChain in LD proofs (#2285)

      BBS+ Signatures 2020 (#1725)

      • BBS+ signer of VC
      • BBS+ selective disclosure of VC
      • Interoperability tests


      • Add remote Webkms client as RemoteKMS kms.KeyManager implementation and RemoteCrypto crypto.Crypto implementation (#2313, #2307)
      • RemoteKMS and RemoteCrypto are Aries pluggable services (using WithKMS() and WithCrypt()) (#2313, #2307)


      • JWE key wrapping is extracted from the tinkcrypto keys and into the crypto.Crypto api (ie introduction of WrapKey()/UnwrapKey() calls) (#2301, #2300, #2299, #2271, #2257, #2256)
      • Add internal remoteCryptoBox service to support legacyPacker using remote keys (#2369)


      • Support for did:web resolution was added (#2288 )

Noteworthy Pull Requests

Hyperledger Avalon

Hyperledger Aries Toobox

Hyperledger Besu

Articles, Training & Tutorials


  • Open Source Licensing, with Steve Winslow, Director of Strategic Programs, The Linux Foundation.
    13 JAN

    Open source licenses are the engine that enables collaboration across boundaries and among community participants on transparent terms. In this webinar, Steve will review the role that licenses play in open source development and will describe best practices for managing and expressing license information in open source code.

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