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  • The Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee (TSC) election will happen from the 26th of September until the 10th of October.
  • Read the candidate statements from the TSC election candidates here.
  • All meetings will now have passcodes - check your email for updated invites.

Code & Projects

Hyperledger Labs Solang: A Solidity WASM compiler written in Rust

Hyperledger Besu

  • v1.5.5 is now available
    • The new version of the web3js-eea library (v0.10) supports the onchain privacy group management changes made in Besu v1.5.3

    • Added debug_getBadBlocks JSON-RPC API to analyze and detect consensus flaws

    • Fixed a long-standing issue with getting logs. This will be helpful for people wanting to validate Eth2 deposit contracts off Goerli with Besu.

Hyperledger Fabric

Articles, Training & Tutorials


  • Hyperledger Labs Webinar: Umbra
    • Register here:
    • This webinar showcases Umbra, an emulation tool for Hyperledger blockchains. It will introduce Umbra, familiarize users with installing Umbra and getting their first Fabric network up and running and doing simple examinations of the network layout and packet flows and some simple debugging to confirm that the network is running. Umbra helps understanding Fabric, to examine the running system and give its users the ability to observe Fabric doing what it does. Discussing the Umbra related Hyperledger internship projects 2020, the webinar will explain how Umbra can realize network fuzzing features and scale to multiple servers.
  • Blockchain State of the Union for Developers and Technical Leaders 
    • Register here:
    • Join industry leaders in a blockchain discussion for developers.  Learn what developers should understand and know about blockchain and Hyperledger Fabric from Steve O'Grady founder of RedMonk. Hyperledger Executive Director, Brian Behlendorf will also join the conversation.
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1 Comment

  1. Hello; this went out on the Fabric Mailing list last week. 

    We'd like to formally announce the much anticipated Tech Preview 1 for the Rust Smart Contracts API, running in the Wasm chaincode for Hyperledger Fabric v2.2.  There are several motivations for doing this work.
    - Wasm is a (relatively) new technology providing a secure and deterministic VM. Originally for in-browser use, it's now seeing adoption by blockchains for smart contracts. We want to find out how this could be used with Fabric.
     - Increasing consumability of the Fabric programming model is an important theme, and over the last few years, we've worked on both the client sdk and smart contracts. So we've taken the existing Contract API for Smart Contracts, and together with the proposed Ledger API evolved it into an API that improves and offers more streamline developer for users. 
    If you're keen to get started, here's the Getting Started guide and the API Documentation