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The Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee election is coming up and we are currently seeking nominations of candidates. Please see the electionpage on the wiki for more information.

Code & Projects

Hyperledger Besu

  • V1.5.3 is now available. Some improvements include:
    • A long-standing known issue using permissioning with Kubernetes is now fixed
    • Early access DNS support
    • Updates to Onchain Privacy Group Management

Hyperledger Aries

Articles, Training & Tutorials

  • A Unified Theory of Decentralization David Huseby, Hyperledger Security Maven
  • Hyperledger Sawtooth for Application Developers Course
    • Learn how to code a Hyperledger Sawtooth sample application.
    • This blockchain application includes a web-app frontend, a transaction processor (the equivalent of a smart contract) for the blockchain business logic, and a custom REST API for communication. Learning how to code this sample application will teach you about important Hyperledger Sawtooth concepts and will help you understand how to create your own enterprise-level Hyperledger Sawtooth application. Learn more and enroll.


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