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Hyperledger Besu
  • v1.5.2 is now available. Improvements include: 
    • Experimental offline backup and restore was added via the operator
      x-backup-state and operator x-restore-state CLI commands. Data
      formats will be fluid for as long as the x- prefix is present in
      the CLI so it is advised not to rely on these backups for disaster
    • Experimental ethstats support added via the Xethstats and
      Xethstats-contact CLI commands #1239
    • Peers added via the JSON-RPC admin_addPeer and admin_removePeer
      will be shared or no longer shared via discovery respectively.
      Previously they were not shared.#1177 contributed by br0tchain
Hyperledger Explorer
  • v1.1.2 is now available. Improvements include:
    • Add user management feature
    • Reduce container image size
    • Add Fabric 1.4.8 / 2.2.0 support
    • Update example of connection profile for docker setup

Hyperledger Grid 
Hyperledger Aries 
Hyperledger Besu 
  • WIP Patch to maximize profits
  • Miners using the Besu client orders transactions by gas price then
    time to maximize profits

Introduction to Hyperledger Sovereign Identity Blockchain Solutions:
Indy, Aries & Ursa Course

Hyperledger Aries, Indy and Ursa add a necessary layer of trust to the
Internet, creating and using independent digital identities rooted on
blockchains or other distributed ledgers.Learn more and enroll.

Hyperledger Indy - Interop-athon - Making "Network of Networks" Real
Sept 1-2

A two-day virtual event to define the work needed in Hyperledger Indy
and Aries to make "network of networks" a reality for Indy DID Utility
instances. Register.

2020-08-28: Fabric Documentation, Aries JavaScript
2020-08-29: Cello
2020-08-31: Cactus
2020-09-01: Indy, Fabric Samples, Quilt, Besu
2020-09-02: Ursa, Fabric, Caliper, Aries 1 2, Quilt
2020-09-03: Cactus, Fabric 1 2
2020-09-04: Fabric Documentation 1 2, Aries JavaScript

You can find more Hyperledger calls and other events listed on the
community calendar. If you were forwarded this email and would like
to subscribe weekly, you can do so here.
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