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The demos are recorded every 2 weeks and posted to this YouTube playlist in the Evernym channel:

Project Update for Sprint Ev 20.05 (2020-03-26)

  • Welcome, project update, and plans (Richard Esplin), 5 min
  • Rich Schema HIPE updates, Alexander Shcherbakov, 5 min
    • INDY-2337, INDY-2347
  • Rich Schema implementation in indy-node, Alexander Shcherbakov., 3 min
    • INDY-2338, INDY-2350, INDY-2339, INDY-2340, INDY-2341
  • Rich Schema support in indy-vdr, Andrew Nikitin, 5 min
    • IS-1505, IS-1506
  • Street Cred interoperability demo, Artem Ivanov, 7 min
    • IS-1527

Project Update for Sprint Ev 20.04 (2020-03-12)

Demo for Sprint EV 20.03 (2020-02-27)

  • Welcome, project update, and plans, Richard Esplin, 8 min
  • Evaluation of options for CI / CD, 8 min, Andrew N.
    • IS-1497
    • IS-1496
    • IS-1503
    • IS-1504
  • Release plans, Sergey Minaev, 5 min
    • Indy SDK: Test refactor
      • IS-1480
      • Note that the February release of Indy SDK was scrubbed due to a bug we found at the last minute. Instead we preparing the March release of Indy SDK.
    • Indy Node: skip

Demo for Sprint EV 20.02 (2020-02-13)

Demo for Sprint EV 20.01 (2020-01-30)

  • Welcome, project update, and plans, Richard Esplin, 8 min
    • Team changes, Aries-Framework-Go (Discussion in Aries WG A call)
    • Rich Schemas
  • Indy Node: Release, Vladimir Shishkin, 3 min
    • INDY-2325
  • Indy Node: Testing promotion and demotion: system and load testing, Vladimir Shishkin, 4 min
    • INDY-2326. INDY-2323
  • Indy Node: Testing promotion and demotion: unit, integration and simulation testing, Andrew Nikitin, 4 min
    • INDY-2326, INDY-2324
  • Indy SDK: Release 1.14.2: Rotation of Pairwise Keys, Anoncreds API improvements, CLI Updates, Artem 3 min
    • IS-1468, IS-1166, IS-1447, IS-1415

Evernym Sprint Demos in 2018-2019

This page loads too slow with lots of videos, so older sprint demo videos are on this page: Evernym Sprint Demos 2018-2019

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