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Overview of Proposal

Rocket.Chat is not awesome.

Formal Proposal(s)

We should consider a new platform.


Action Items

  • Converting a new chat system and preserving links will be a significant lift for the CA team
  • Making sure people's old links don't break
  • Making sure it works properly with LFID will need to be supported by LFIT not the CA team
  • Integration with the new LFx platform again would need to be supported by LFIT and not the CA team
  • How to transfer the Data or archive the current data
  • Feature by feature comparison and spreadsheet?

Reviewed By


  1. Which are the alternatives other than slack?

    1. Personally I would prefer mattermost because we have been running it personally on our home server for 4 yrs now with few problems other than migrating from Slack. But that move is a big ask of my team and for transitioning the community. It will be even harder than our wiki migration at the beginning of the year

    2. We're trying out gitter - Iroha and Consensys use it; we have a test room for Besu

  2. Ry Jones has suggested that I need to contribute to this page, and he is RIGHT.
    In the meantime, see the for some "commentary" from me.
    I will try to get my thoughts down in the body of this page ahead of this week's TSC meeting.

  3. have only been familiar with Slack, but whichever tool is chosen we should have the ability to search all the comments at all times, scrolling pages and pages of even recent interactions is suboptimal.

  4. There isn't enough information captured in this page for me to understand the issue or what we are trying to achieve by switching to a new platform. I think I've got the gist by trawling through lots of discussion in but it seems like the key requirements for the messaging platform should be captured here so they can be used to assess options.